Alcega: Woman’s High-Bodied Trained Gown with Hanging Sleeves

Full womans gown with large pointed style hanging sleeves. It takes 17 1/8 yards of 22-inch wide fabric.
Note, The center back length of the skirt is 99 inches in this draft…its VERY long and the hem width of the back is insanely wide. It looks SOOO very rich when made up.

Blue Brocade Gown

Made by: Mathew Gnagy


Saya skirt with the 99″ center back skirt length…the puntigada sleeves and exact proportional cut for her height. In this shot, her skirt has been hooked up like a bustle.


View of bodice and rebato standing collar



View of the back, with train


This gown uses the sleeves of this gown pattern, attached to Alcega’s Women’s Doublet bodice pattern. it is worn over a gown made of Alcega’s Kirtle pattern. (the bodice doesn’t close on the dress form.)

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