1560s Flemish Marketwomen's Outfit

"Item a gown of tawney bayes guarded with murrey wool with a redde kyrtle and sleeues of green wool to the same, wyth twoo partelets one white linnen one black wool thereto."

Flemish Gown
This gown is based on that worn by a marketwoman or servant in 1560s Flanders. It laces across a sleeveless kirtle of red linen (which laces up the back) and has green woolen sleeves pinned to the gown shoulder straps. A close-fitting white smock is worn underneath. Two partlets, one white linen and one black wool, are worn over the gown. A caul is worn over the hair, and a straw hat over the caul.

For more information on this style of dress and how it's put together, and pictures showing the original items, visit 16th Century Workingwomen's Dress and Making a Flemish Workingwoman's outfit.

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