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Original German:
(missing text)
Item ein fra---------zü einer Leib R.[ock]
mit lauffent falten von Schamlot de[r]
vnnder stück 2/3 lang der ermbl 7/8
lang dar zü Nim 9 eln Schamlot vnnd 4 eln
leinbat zü füeder weit aber die Schoß
mus 1/2 eln lang So Nim 7 eln 1/2 eln
dobÿn 8 eln.
Tentative Translation:
Item a woman for a skirted doublet
with running pleats from camlet the
under piece 2/3 long the sleeve 7/8
long there to take 9 ells camlet and 4 ells
linen to line it the width however of the skirt
must be 1/2 ell long so take 7 ells 1/2 ells
tobin 8 ells

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Thanks to Katherine Barich for her transcription and translation of the text. If you have comments, alternate translations, or suggestions for missing words, please email me.