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Original German:
Item mer zü einem khlainem Zelt aüf einen stangen
machs das nach 3 eln hoch mit 24 gern vnnd auch
ain plat schneid 4 platen den mantl 2 eln
1/4 lang Nim dar zü 34 eln zwilch so kommt
zü der gern 18 eln zü den vntern mantl
7 blad weit so hastü aber einen zelt.

der mantl 2 eln     18 eln
1/4 land darzü ge-
hören 17 eln     3 eln der lang

Item ein Zelt mit 2 Stangen dar 28 Schüh
lang is vnnd 13 Schüh weit vnnd oben 3(?) eln
die Stang nach lang Nim 3 plad zü baiden
Seiten 4 eln 1/4 lang ist dar zü Nim 24 eln
Zwilch vnnd mach die Stang beÿ 16 Schüh
hoch aüf der erden die ---- S--- 3 Klaffter
lang der Vnnd Snid 6 Klaffter lang

Tentative translation:
Item more a small tent with one pole
make it 3 ells high with 24 gores and also
one panel Cut 4 panels for the sides 2 ells
1/4 long take thereto 34 ells of twill so comes
to the gores 18 ells to the under cover
7 panels wide so you have a tent

The sides 2 ells      18 ells (in the gores)
1/4 long thereto be-
longs 17 ells     3 ells long (the gores)

Item a tent with 2 poles that is 28 schuh
long and 13 schuh wide and above 3 ells
the pole in length take 3 flats to each side
4 and 1/4 ells long are there to take 24 ells
twill and make the poles 16 schuh
high from the ground the ---- ---- 3 klaffter
long and cut 6 klaffter long

schüh: An old german measurement equivalent to 11 1/2 inches, or 29 centimeters.
klaffter: The klafter was an old german measurement used for measuring coords of wood. Although it varied between locales, it was generally equivalent to around 6 feet.

Thanks to Katherine Barich for her transcription and translation of the text. If you have comments, alternate translations, or suggestions for missing words, please email me.

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