My Perfect Gown

by Donna Scarfe (Mistress Felicity)

Donna's Gown Sketch

Alternate Design 1

Alternate Design 2

1. What time period and country is this gown from?

2. What pictures were your sources for inspiration?
3. What colors did you choose to make this gown out of, and why? 4. Which fabrics did you choose to make this gown out of, and why? 5. What accessories, if any, did you choose to compliment your costume? Why did you choose these particular accessories? 6. Describe all the costume pieces involved in this outfit. 7. How are you planning to create the gown pattern? Are you drafting it yourself, or buying a commercial pattern to start from? What influenced your pattern decisions? 8. How did your level of sewing experience influence your design choices? 9. How did your budget/resources influence your costume, fabric & material choices? 10. Where will you be wearing this outfit? Will it be worn often? What will you be doing in this outfit? How did these factors influence your design? 11. Describe any other factors which influenced you in designing this gown.
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