Dyer from the Landauerschen Manuscript

This image is from the Landauerschen Stiftungsbuch in the Nürnberg Stadtbibliothek, c. 1500. The fleeces are colored red and blue. This picture is notable in that it depicts fleece, rather than thread or fabric, being dyed. The fleece sits in footed baskets, which were referenced in some Renaissance manuscripts for use in dyeing unspun wool. The wool was placed into the baskets to allow the dye liquor to drain out.

To the bottom right is either a wool comb or a teasel brush, which was used to dress cloth; and beside it is a comb, used to untangle and smooth wool fiber.

Like several of the previous images, the vat rests upon an enclosed furnace. The dyer wears a half-apron and handles the wool with a long stick.

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