Arms of German Dyer's guild, 1605

Siebmacher's Wappenbuch of 1605 depicts the arms of the dyers from several German towns.

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The Dresden dyer's guild coat of arms depicts the two sticks used to stir and turn fabric, the reel used to wind the fabric in and out of the dye, and what appears to be a rake, used to stir the dyebath.

The Berlin coat of arms shows a man reeling fabric into a dye vat, and a mill which may be either a fulling mill, or a mill used to grind woad.

The arms of the English dyers of Nurnberg show a stylized dye vat/furnace and reel.

The arms of the black-dyers of Memmingen shows a man wringing out a skein of yarn over a dye vat, with a stick. Other depictions of yarn-wringing show the yarn being wrung out away from the dye vat; if this is an accurate depiction rather than a metaphorical one, it would be a useful method of conserving the dye liquor.

The Arms of the old Dyer's guild of Rehlen show two sticks used to turn the fabric in the vat, a mangle, and a roll of fabric.

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