William Bremelcum


Parent Book/Manuscript The Lisle Letters

Furthermore, my master being in good health, thanking your ladyship for a piece of gold of ijs vjd and a purse of crimson velvet and a shirt collar sent by William Seller, and to me a iiijd. Moreover I desire your ladyship to send my master cloth for a green coat against summer, and a petticote, and cloth for hosen. I thank your ladyship for the shirt cloth that ye sent me, howbeit I cannot tell whether I shall have them note it for.

Notes The 'master' is John Basset, son of Lady Lisle. He was at the time living with the Norton family and William Bremelcum was his man-servant.
Page/Folio No. 71
Date 3-9-1534
Volume 3
Gender Association Male
Letter From William Bremelcum
Letter To Lady Lisle , Lady Lisle
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