Synonyms searched:"ambergris" "ambergrease" "ambergreace" "amber grize" "amber grise" "amber-greece" "amber grease" "amber gryse"

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... :  Custom Rates, 1643 Item, for every ounce of Amber-greece , three shillings Citation Year :  1649 ... ounce Material :  ambergris ...  --Custom Rates, 1643 (1649)

To perfume cloathes.

... Rose water, in the which ye shal put eighteen or 20 graines of Muske and Ciuet, with a little of Ambergrease, then set all on the fire, and when it begins to wax warme, take it from the fire, and let it coole, and ...  --A Profitable Booke of Dye Receipts (1602) (1602)

A pleasant water to preserue linnen, or any other thing, yeelding a pleasaunt sauour a long time after.

... spoute onely. Uppon the end thereof, ye shall hange a fine linnen cloth with a graine of muske or Ambergreace within it, uppon the which ye shall alwaies let the spout drop on, and yee shall see it will be a pure ...  --A Profitable Booke of Dye Receipts (1602) (1602)