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... of, who I trust will do your ladyship good and true service, or else I would be sorry. By assay your ladyship shall know further of her fashions. She hath taken out a great part of the cushion: howbeit she ...  --The Lisle Letters

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... hemmynge makinge and markinge of iii paire of lardge pillowbeares: iiii paire of pillowberes of assay: xii elle kerchers: xii duble rayles: vi dozin Longe Towells: vi dozin short Towells: ii dozin and viii longe ...  --1592: Warrant for the Robes, September 28, ER 34 (1592)

Observations of Venice (Courtesans)

... elegant discourser, so that if she cannot move thee with all these foresaid delights, shee will assay thy constancy with her Rhetoricall tongue. And to the end shee may minister unto thee the stronger temptations to ...  --Descriptions of foreign European fashions from Coryats Crudities (1602)