John Petre, 1st Baron Petre

References to Apparel in the Household Accounts of William Petre (1555-1559) and John Petre(1568-1590) in the Essex Records Office

These documents are from a number of account books found in the Essex Records office. Some are account books belonging to William Petre, D/DP A6 and D/DP A10, and some belong to his some John Petre (D/DP 17-22). There is one book per year, from Michelmas to Michelmas, and they record all expenditures of the estate: diet, building and repair, household expenses, miscellaneous expenses, wages and receipts and apparell.

They are of particular interest due to the numerous detailed tailors' bills for apparell they contain, for both the master (John Petre) and his servant's livery. There is also, in one book of account, a complete year's worth of information on all apparell and expenditure for three of his children.

A section of the first two account books was analyzed and published in the Journal of Costume article "The Clothing of Thomasine Petre".