On Old-Fashioned Dress

I have heard my Father, with other wyse Sages affirme, that in his tyme, within the compasse of foure or five score yeres, when men went clothed in black or white frize coates, in hosen of Huswyves carzie of the same color, that the sheep bore them (the want of making and wering of which clothe, together with the excessive wearing of silks, velvets, satens, damasks, taffeties, and such like, hath and doth make many a thousand in Ailgna as poore mendicants to begge their bread) wherof some were strait to the thigh, othersome little bigger: and when they ware shurts of hempe or flax (but now these are to grosse, our tender stomacks cannot easilye digest such rough and crude meats) men were stronger than we, helthfuller, fayrer complectioned, longer lyving, and finallye, ten times harder than we...

Citation Type  Prose
Citation Year 1583