Observations of Basle.

The men or this Citie weare great codpieces and ruffe bandes as the Tigurines do. Also they weare a strange kind of hat, wherein they differ from all other Switzers that I saw in Helvetia. It is made in the forme of a cap, very long crowned, whereof some are made of felt, and some of a kinde of stuffe not unlike to shagge in outward view. It hath no brimmes at all, but a high flappe turned up behind, which reacheth almost to the toppe of the hat, being lesser and lesser towards the toppe. This fashion is so common in the Citie, that not onely all the men generally doe weare it both Citizens and Academicks (in so much that Amandus Pollanus wore the same in the Divinity schoole) but also the women whatsoever, both yong and old. Moreover their women, especially maides doe weare two such plaited rowles of haire over their shoulders wherein are twisted ribbons of divers colours at the endes, as the women of Zurich. I observed many women of this Citie to be as beautifull and faire as any I saw in all my travels : but I will not attribute so much to them as to compare them with our English women, whome I justly preferre, and that without any partialitie of affectstion, before any women that I saw in my travels, for an elegant and most attractive natural beautie.

Citation Type  Prose
Citation Year 1602