Observations of Bergamo.

The Gentlewomen of this city doe weare very strange Counterfeit kinde of chaines about their neckes. First sight of them will imagine they are very precious ornaments, worth three or foure hundred duckats, and made of pure gold : as indeede I did. But after better consideration he will find them counterfait. For indeed they are but copper, as an Italian told me. They hang very large about their necks, being about three times double, and have extraordinary great linkes. Also I observed that their attire doth much differ from the habits of the Italian Gentlewomen in other cities of Italy. For whereas most of their gownes are of Sattin or Taffata ; the sleeves of them are exceeding great in the middest, and so little at the hands, that they cannot weare them upon the sleeves of their other garments. So that they alwaies hang loose and flapping. This fashion they have borrowed from the Spaniards. For I saw it much used by the Spanish Gentlewomen at Turin, and by a woman Mountebanke in Venice that imitated the Spanish attire.

Citation Type  Prose
Citation Year 1602