Trustie and welbeloued we grete you well and will and comaunde you to delyuer unto Stephen Medcalf and Edmonde Linsey two of our Trumpetors appoynted to attende upon our righte trustie and right welbeloued cosin therle of Warwick Lieutenant of our subiects sente to newe haven in Normandie for every of them thre yards of broade red cloth at tenne shillings the yard and ii yardes of Black Veluett at xliiis the yarde in summe as heretofore they haue bene allowed in Like service for the which clothe and veluett you shall receave allowance upon your accompte by vertue herof geven undre our Signett at our honor of Hampton Courte the xiith of October in the fourth yere of our Reigne

To our Trustie and welbeloued servaunte John Fortescue Mr of our greate warderobe

Delivered to: Stephen Metcalf, Edmund Lindsey
Date: 10/13/1562