For Veluet for garding lxxii coats for extraordinary yeomen

Page/Folio No.: 1

We woll and comaunde you uppon the receipte herof and by warrante of the same that of oure veluett remaynyng in youre custodie and kepinge ye do delyuer or cause to be delyverid unto oure welbelouid servaunt Thomas Luddwell our Tailor appoynted for the makinge of oure Lyverie Coats geven to lxxii yeomen pencyoners take in to waighte on us this progresse every of them rated a yarde thre quarters le pece amountinge in the hole to cxxv yards geven to them this particular fourth yere of our Reigne and theis our Lettres shalbe youre sufficient warrant and discharge in this behalf yeoven undre oure Signett at our Manor of Grenewich the xxth daie of June anno domini 1562

To our righte trustie and welbelouid Servaunte John Fortescue Esquire Mr of our Greate warderobe

Date: 6/20/1662