For the Chappell

Page/Folio No.: 1

We woll and comaunde you furthwithe uppon the sighte hereof to delyver or cause to be delyverid unto our lovinge Servaunte Roberte Bassocke Servaunte of our Vestrye to thuse of our Chappell theis parcells followinge that is to saie two fyne surplesses for the gentlemen of our said chappell: Twentie foure Surples for the children of our said chappell: Tenne elles of broade drap to make two clothes for the communion table: Tenne elles of holland for Towells for the communion: thre yards of grene clothe: One thousand hooks one hammer a payre of Pensers, a Lether pott and a Gispyne And theis our lettres shalbe youre sufficiente warrante and dischardge in this behalf yeoven undre our Signett at our Manor of Grenewich the xiiith daye of June in the fourthe yere of our Reigne

To our Trustie and Welbelouid servaunte John Fortescue esquire Mr of our greate warderobe

Date: 6/14/1562