A warrant for linens for the queen's own use

Page/Folio No.: 1

To oure welbeloued woman Blanche Apary ix ells of fyne hollande cloth and one pece of Lawne for oure person. Also that ye delyver unto Alice Smythe Silkewoman cxxxv ells quarter of fyne hollande cloth for sheets for our use price the ell viiis. And also that you delyver to John Bridges yeoman of our beddes for shetes for oure use ccxxiiii ells iii quarter of fyne hollande cloth price the elle ixs. And theis our lettres shalbe youre sufficient warrant and dischardge in this behalf yeoven undre our Signet at our Pallace of Westminster the xth daie of Maie in the fourth yere of oure Reigne

To our Trustie and Welbeloued John Fortescue Esquire Mr of our greate warderobe

Date: 5/10/1562