• Tailor's Bill for the Earl of Essex (1577)

    Modern English (post-1500)
    Lansdowne vol. 25 f 115
    Published in 1577
    People , Color , Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD


Taylers bill at September (?) 1577

Inprimis for me L[ord] and Mr Japerells doblets one ell of canvas xiid
Item one ounces and iii qr of lace for the same ii doblets iiis vid
Item v dossen of buttons for them doblets at vd the dossen iis id
Item ii qr of a pownd of bombast the same doblets xiid
(obscured) ii ounces of lace att iis the once iiiis
Item for karsie lyninge and lynen lyninge for them ii pare of hose iis iiiid
Item ii yardes and a halfe of cotten for the same hose xxd
Item ii ounces of silke for ii doblets and the clockes and hose iiis viiid
Item for pinckynge and cuttynge of me L doblet and hose xviiid
Some xxis id

item for makynge of me L[ordship's] doblet iiis
Item for makynge of his lordships hose vs
item for making of hys lordsheps cloke iiis
Item for makynge of Mr Japerells doblet and hose and clocke viiis