• Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Elizabeth 1595-97 (1869)

    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1595
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD


March 1595

Page/Folio No.: 14-25

John and Thos. Bolton and Rich. Catcher, drapers and merchant tailors, to the Council. With reference to our offer for apparelling the forces in the Low Countries:

1. We will undertake to make the suits for 5,000 men at the prices set down by us, if established by April 1, and allowed the time specified.

2. We were commanded by Mr. Smith, upon sight of the patterns and the officers' and privates' suits, to return an absolute answer, but as yet we have seen but part of each, which is the fault of the sealer who is appointed to oversee them, and who so handled the matter that he could not tell one from the other, and brought for a private soldier's cassock one made of very good cloth, lined with baize worth 2s. 6d. per yard, faced in the collar and sleeves with rich black taffety, and trimmed with silk buttons and loops, a thing far surpassing the standard. We will show you a suit delivered to a soldier of Capt. Prudder by Mr. Beecher.

3. The sealer also showed us the stockings for the private soldiers, made of good Devonshire kersey, worth 2s. 6d. a pair, while Her Majesty's allowance is but 15d.

4. We are willing to use our utmost endeavours in the service, and to deliver every 15 days a proportion to the value of 1,000l. until the full complement is performed; and we will bring three of our friends, being citizens of good substance, who will pass bonds for our performance, provided payment is made as promised; viz., that at the delivery of every parcel to the value of 1,000l. or more, and its being allowed to be according to pattern, present payment be made for the same. Noted [by Burghley] that sureties for 10,000l. are to be taken for the making of the apparel, as also for its transport and delivery.

Date: 3/1/1595