Warrant for fabric for a cloak, safeguard, gown, lapcloth, and fabric to make clothing for Mary Hopton and Mary Sidney

We woll and Comaunde you that uppon the sight herof ye deliver or cause to be delyvered unto our welbeloved servant Walter Fishe our taylor for oure own use thies parcelles following vid lit

One pece of Cloth of silver Resed with pourple vellat cont xii yards scant to make us a save gard<

And viii yards di of blacke tuft tafata striped with whit silke to line us a Riding Cloke

And one hole Remanant of purple Cloth of gold wrought with Rosses and honysukelles to make us a gowne with wide sleves cont xxti yards scant

And iiii yards di of Cloth of siluer cheked with purple silke to Jagge the said gowne

And one Remnant of Crimisen vellat striped with silver to make us a lappcloth cont viii yards / And xviii yards of narrow thike wrought Silver Lase to be laid uppon the same

And viii yards of wachet tuft taphata striped to make us a Cloke And xvi yards of brode golde & silver passament lace to be imployed uppon the said Cloke

Also that ye delyver to the said Walter Fishe one hole pece of Crimson vellat the grounde sattin conteining xix yards di to make mistres Marry Hopton a trayne gowne<

And iii yards di of Clothe of silver Cheked with purple silke to make her a Rounde kertell

Also one hole pece of murry Damaske conteyning xix yards di to make Misteres Marry Sidney a gowne

All whiche parcelles Remayne in your Custody and charge at our Pallaice of Westminster and these oure lettres signed with our hand shalbe youre Sufficient warrant and discharge for the delyuery of all the said percelles / Yeoven under our Signet at oure said Pallaice the xxiiith of February in the xviiith yere of oure Raigne
To our trustye & welbelouyd servaunt George Brideman keper of our Pallaice of Westminster

Citation Type  Wardrobe Warrant
Page/Folio No. 91
Citation Year 1576
Date 2/23/1576