Warrant for fabric for a train gown, a loose gown, a cloak and safeguard, and fabric given as gifts to the Talbots.

We wyll and commaunde you that uppon the sight hereof ye delyuer or cause to be delyuered unto oure trusty and welbelouyd servaunt Walter Fisshe our taylor, One pece of orenge tawny and white damaske conteyning a xvi yards quarter to make us a Trayne gowne<

One remanant of Russet sattyn reyzed with Black and Russet Vellat cont a xv yards to make us a lose gowne<

And one Remnant of Tuftyd Taphata the grounde yallowe reyzed with white and black like dyce, cont a xiii yardes to make us a Cloke and a savegarde Wyth sixtene yards of Broade passament lace of golde and syluer. And thre score yards of narrowe passament lace of syluer thick wrought to be also employed to oure use.

And that ye delyuer unto Raph Hope yeoman of our Robes One Remanant of Carnation sylke golde and syluer cont a xvii yards di scant to be delyveryd of our gyft unto the Lord Taulbot

And one Remanant of Murry sattyn reyzed with black vellat conteyning a xiii yards iii quarters to be delyuered of our gyft unto the Lady Taulbot,

Farder that ye delyuer unto the sayde Raphe Hope for our owne use, One ownce of the same smalle pearles that was delyuerid to you by the Master of our Jewelhouse

All which percells Remaybe in your custody and charge at our Pallaice of Westminster / And these our lettres signed with our hand shalbe your sufficient warrant and dischardge for the delyuerye of the same/Yeven under oure signet at our Manor of St Jameses the fourth of Aprill in the xviith yere of our Raigne
To our trusty and welbeloued servant George Bredyman keper of our sayd Pallaice of Westminster

Citation Type  Wardrobe Warrant
Page/Folio No. 89
Citation Year 1575
Date 4/4/1575