Warrant for fabric for gowns and kirtles, and for fabric given as gifts to courtiers

We woll and commaunde you that uppon the sight hereof ye delyver or cause to be delyuerid unto us for our owne use a Coffer coverid with crymesyn vellat Embrodered with golde, having a garland of cloth of golde embrodered uppon the lyd thereof with the lettres M and R within the said garland

Also that ye delyver unto our trustye and welbelovyd the Lady Stafford sevyn yards and a half of purple sattyn wrought with golde. to be delyuered of our gyfte unto the Lady Buckhurst to make a coate for one of her children

Lykewise that ye delyver unto the Lady Sheffylde thirtene yards of Crymesyn newe makinge vellat purled with golde to make a gowne for her daughter

Also that ye delyuer unto Benedyck Spynola marchaunt straunger, one whole pece of fyne white broade clothe to be dyed for us

Farder that you delyver unto Walter Fysshe our Taylor one Remnant of white clothe of syluer tyncell prynted contayning sevyn yards to make a kyrtell for us

One pece of black wrought vellat spangled with golde cont sevyntene yards and a half, And a remanant of Ashcullor sattyn conteyning twentie yards to make us two gownes.

All whiche parcells Remayne in your Custody and chardge at our Pallaice of Westminster And thiese our lettres signed with oure hand shalbe your sufficient warraunt and dischardge for the delyuerie of the same Yeven under our signet at our Manor of Gerenewiche the xixth of Maye in the xvith yere of our Raigne
To our trustie and welbelouyd servaunt George Bredyman keper of our said pallaice of Westminster

Citation Type  Wardrobe Warrant
Page/Folio No. 87
Citation Year 1574
Date 5/19/1574