Warrant for fabric for a night gown, a night gown for the Earl of Leicester, and two gowns for Francis Howard & Elizabeth Knollys

We woll and commaunde you that uppon the sight hereof ye delyuer or cause to be delyuered unto our servaunts Walter Fyshe Twelve yards of Purple Vellat frized on the backsyde with white and Russet sylke to make us a nyght gowne

And also that ye delyuer unto Charles Smyth Page of our Robes Fourtene yards of Murrye damaske to be employde in Making of a Night gowne for the Erle of Leycester<

And two hole pecis of Crymesen silk chamlet stryped with golde. the one conteyning xxxti yards iii quarters and the other xxxti yards quarter di, to make Fraunces Haward and Elyzabeth Knolls of our previe chamber eyther of them a trayne gowne<

Whiche percells Remayne in your custody and chardge. And these our lettres signed with oure hand shalbe your sufficient warraunt and dischardge for the delyverye thereof / Yeven under our signet at our Pallaice of Westminster the xxviiith daye of Marche in the xiiiith yere of our Raigne
To our trusty and welbeloved servant George Bredyman keper of our said Pallaice of Westminster

Citation Type  Wardrobe Warrant
Page/Folio No. 85
Citation Year 1572
Date 3/28/1572