Warrant for fabric for pendant sleeves and a gathered forepart

We will and commaunde you that upon the sighte hereof ye delyver or cause to be delyvered unto Walter Fisshe our Tayler, fyve yeardes of cloth of siluer striped with blacke silke to lyne & edge us a payre of pendant sleves of wroughte vellat and drawe oute the Jagges of the same.

And also foure Yeards more of the said clothe of siluer to make us a gathered foreparte. And these our lettres signed with our hande shalbe your sufficient warrant and discharge for the delyverie thereof. Yeoven under our signet at our Pallaice of westminster the xxvith of Marche in the xiiith yere of our reigne
To our trustie and welbeloved servaunte George Bredyman keper of our Pallaice of Westminster

Citation Type  Wardrobe Warrant
Page/Folio No. 83
Citation Year 1571
Date 3/26/1571