Warrant for fabric to make a farthingale

Where as you have heretofore by our commaundement delivered unto John Tamworth decessed late one of our privie chamber sixe yards of purple satten wrought with golde to be employed in making of a Skrene for us, and have also of late delivered by our like commandement unto Raffe Hope yeoman of our robes & John Bate fardingalemaker a leven yards quarter of blewe satten to make us a fardingale for the which you have no warrant yet from us in writing: we haue thought good for your indempcion herin by these puts to declare our good acceptacion of your delivery of the premisses and that these our lettres signed in our own hande shalbe your sufficient warrant & discharge for the delivery therof given under our signet at our manor of Grenewich the xvith of may in the xith yere of our reign 1569

To our trusty and welbeloued servant George Bredyman keper of our Pallace of Westminster

Citation Type  Wardrobe Warrant
Page/Folio No. 79
Citation Year 1569
Date 5/16/1569