Warrant for fabric for a straight-bodied gown and french kirtle, and for furring a nightgown

We woll and commaunde you that upon the sight hereof ye delyuer or cause to be delyuered unto Raffe Hope yeoman of our Robes and Adam Bland our skynner. threscore and six of the best of our sable skynnes being in your chardge at our pallaice of westminster to furr us a night gowne of black wrought vellat layde ouer with a passament lace of murrey silke and golde

Also that ye delyuer unto Walter Fyshe our Taylor xvi yardes quarter of Murry sattyn to make a strayght bodied gowne for us. And one quarter of a yard of the same stuff to make paterns of gardings

Tenne yards of purple cloth of siluer with wurks to make us a frenche kyrtell. And six yards & a half and half a quarter of Crymesyn cloth of gold tyssued with gold and siluer to make the trayne of a Frenche kyrtell for us

And these our lettres signed with our hand shalbe your sufficient warraunt and dischardge for the delyuerye of all the said percells / Yeven under our signet at our said pallaice of westminster the xxth of February in the leventh yere of our Raigne
To our trusty and welbelouyd servaunt George Bredyman keper of our forsaid Pallaice

This hath ben examined upon a booke of the receipt of the particular parcells aboue mencioned, signed for the said Rafe Hope and Walter Fishe, certifying their receipt thereof and used for her Maiesty ex p J Sommer

Citation Type  Wardrobe Warrant
Page/Folio No. 79
Citation Year 1569
Date 2/20/1569