Warrant for fabric for a forepart

We will and commaund you that uppon the sight yereof ye delyuer or cause to be delyuered unto oure trustie and welbelouyd servaunts Thomas Astleye and John Baptist Castillion gromes of our preuye chamber one drinking glasse with a cover garnished with golde to be kept for our owne use.

Furder that ye delyuer unto Raffe Hope yeoman of our Robes and Walter Fysshe our Taylor two yerdes and a half of Tyssue the grounde golde and tisshue siluer to make a forpart for a kyrtle for us.

Also ye haue delyuered unto our owne hands one great Byble couered with black vellat the claspes and garnisshings being siluer and gilt/ All whiche parcells Remayned in your custody and charge at our pallaice of westminster

And thies our lettres signed with our hand shalbe your sufficient warrant and discharge for the delyuery therof / Yeven under our signet at our manor of grenewiche the xiiith of Apriell in the xth yere of our Raigne

To our trustie and welbelouyd servaunt George Bredyman keper of our said pallaice of westminster

Citation Type  Wardrobe Warrant
Page/Folio No. 75
Citation Year 1568
Date 4/13/1568