Warrant for russet and white friezed silk to make a cloak

We woll and commaunde you that Imeadiatlye uppon the sight hereof ye delyuer or cause to be delyuerid unto our welbelouyd servaunt Walter Fysshe our taylor fyve yards of purple vellat the backside being white and Russet silke fryzed to make a Cloke for us

And Thiese oure lettres signed with our signemanuell shalbe your sufficient warraunt and discharge for the delyuerye therof/ Yeven at our Mannor of Richemount the xxiiith of June thin the ixth yere of oure Raigne
To our trusty and welbelouyd seruant George Bredyman keper of oure Pallaice of Westminster

Citation Type  Wardrobe Warrant
Page/Folio No. 73
Citation Year 1567
Date 6/23/1567