Warrant for fabric to make a cloak, make a kirtle train, and fur for furring various garments

We wooll and commaunde you that uppon the sight hereof ye delyuer or cause to be delyuerid for oure owne use unto our welbelouyd seruant John Tamworth one of our preuye chamber. one smalle coffer of Ebony garnysshed with copper gylt and counterfeyte stones

Also that ye delyuer unto Nicholas Norton our Bedmaker Fyfty two yards of grene damaske to make some Curtens for the Wyndowes in our preuy chamber.

And that ye delyuer unto Walter Fysshe our taylor Eight yerds of Murrye damaske to make us a Cloake.

And eight yerds of Tyssue the grounde being gold and the tissue siluer to make the trayne of a kyrtell for us

Farder that ye delyuer unto Raffe Hope yeoman of our Robes and Adam Bland oure skynner Twentye and two Sable skynnes to furr us a dowche gowne of Murrey vellat with a gard of siluer embrodered/ Thre of the best sable skynns to make us a typpet/ Eyght of the best sable skynnes to fur the cape and edge on saide clooke of Murrye damaske And thre Luzarne skynnes to edge us a nyght gowne of purple vellat, And these our lettres signed with our hand shalbe your sufficient warraunt and dischardge for the delyuerye of the saide percells / Yeoven under our signet at our Pallaice of Westminster the xxvth of Marche in the nynth yere of our Raigne
To our trusty and welbelouyd servaunt George Bredyman keper of our said pallaice

Citation Type  Wardrobe Warrant
Page/Folio No. 69
Citation Year 1567
Date 3/25/1567