Warrant for furring a black taffata night gown

We will and commaund you that Imeadiatlie upon the sight hereof ye deliuer or cause to be deliuered unto oure trustie and welbeloued seruants Raffe Hope yeoman of our Robes and Adam Bland our skynner, thre score and tenne of the best of our sable skynnes remayning in yor Custody & chardge at oure pallaice of Westminster to be emploide towards the furring of oure night gowne of Black tuffed taphata laid on with thre siluer lacis

And theise our lettres signed with oure signe manuell shalbe your sufficient warraunt and dischardge for the deliuerie thereof Yeoven at our said Pallaice the xvith of December in the seventh yere of our raigne
To our trustie & welbeloued seruant George Bredymann keper of our pallaice aforesaid

Citation Type  Wardrobe Warrant
Page/Folio No. 67
Citation Year 1564
Date 12/26/1564