Warrant for furring a nightgown and making clothing for Lucretia the Italian

We will and commaund you that Imeadiatlie uppon the sight hereof ye deliuer or cause to be deliuered unto Adam Bland our Skynner xxiiiitie of the best of oure sable skynnes being in your keping to be employde towardes the Furring & edging of a Long Nyghtgowne for us of black wrought vellat with Buttons and Loopes of black silke and golde

Also that ye delyuer unto our welbelouid servant John Thomworth one of our privye Chamber (for oure owne use) one Little Coffer of mother of pearle garnisshed with siluer gilt

Furder that ye deliuer unto our welbeloued servaunt John Baptist Castillion Eyght yardes of purple vellat striped with golde in some placis tissued, and syxtene yardes of purple satten wrought with golde to make certeyne garments for Lucretia the Italian<

and these our lettres signed with oure signe manuell shalbe your sufficient warraunt & dishardge for the same

Yeven at our pallaice of westminster the xiiiith of Aprell in the fift yere of our Raign

To our trustie and welbelouid servaunt George Bredyman keper of our said pallaice

Citation Type  Wardrobe Warrant
Page/Folio No. 65
Citation Year 1562
Date 4/14/1562