Warrant for Douglas Haward one of our maids of Honor against her marriage

We woll and commaunde you that ymediatlie uppon the sight hereof ye deliuer or cause to be delyuered unto oure trustie and welbeloued the Lady Cobham one of oure prive chamber, and to Walter Fyshe oure Tayler Sixe yardes of Crymesyn damaske golde reised with vellat to make a petticote for us. And seven yardes of Crimesyn satten wrought with golde to make bodies and to lyne the said petticote

Also that ye delyuer unto Homfrey Adderley, grome of oure Robes and to our saide tayler eyght yards of purple lukes vellat with braunches the grounde satten to Make a frenche kirtell and sleves for Douglas Hawarde one of oure Maides of Honor against her Mariage. And two yardes of black clothe of siluer with wyrkes to make a foreparte to another kirtell for her

Also to Raffe Hope yeoman of our Robes Thre yards of Incarnat satten wrought with golde to make a fardingale for us.

Farder that ye delyuer unto the said Raffe Hope and Adame Blande our skynner. Two tymber of Sables for the furring of a Cloke of black vellat for us.

And thiese oure lettres signed with oure signe manuel shalbe your sufficient warrant and discharge for the delyuerie of all the said parcells. Yeven at oure honor of Hamptoncorte the xxviith of October. The second yere of oure reign

To our trusty and welbeloued servant George Bredyman keper of our pallaice of westminster

Citation Type  Wardrobe Warrant
Page/Folio No. 59
Citation Year 1559
Date 10/27/1559