• Clothing-related extracts from the Book of Receipts for the household of Baron John Petre, from Michelmas 1593-Michelmas 1594. The front pages, which contain apparell records in the other account books, have been cut out of the book.

    Modern English (post-1500)
    D/DP A21
    Published in 1594
    normalize , Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms , Color
    1500 AD - 1599 AD
    Petre Household Accounts


Payed to John Borough the viith of October for a payer of boots & shoes for my mr xs vid

Date: 10/7/1593


To borough the sixt day for one payer of spanish leather shoes for my mr iiis
And to hym for thre payer of stronge leather shoes for hym viiis vid
Paied by William Mekyn for v yards iii quarters of Millain fustian to make my master hosyn and dublett at iiis iiiid the yarde. xixs iid
For v yards di of fustian at xid the yarde vs
And for a payer of bootehose for hym of watchet colour ixs.

Date: 10/1593

Januarye 1594

Delyured to Thomas Bisshop Tayler of Roxwell the xxth day in parte of payment of two bills for making apparell for my master. xxxs

Date: 1/20/1594

March 1594.

Payed by Henry Butler the xxiiiith daye for the two ells of Holland to make my Mr socks at iis viiid the ell. vs iiiid

Date: 3/24/1594

June 1594.

To William Mekyn the iiiith of June for so muche paid by hym to Castell shoemaker for one shoe for my Master to weare when his toe was sore. xiid

Date: 6/4/1594


To John Borough by William Mekyn for two payer of wynter shoes for my master. vs

Date: 9/1594


Payed in London by William Mekyn for xii yards of blew clothe for some of the servaunts lyueries that wanted

Date: 5/1594

Payed to Hughe Petchey of Brentwood the xxiith daye for v ells di of Hamborough clothe, had to make Roger Wardell two shirts the xiiith of Maye 1591 at what tyme he was at my masters fynding, after xd thell iiiis viid

Date: 5/22/1594

Payed by John Luscombe the Gardens boye in Mydsommer Quarter for two payer of shoes iiis iiiid
for soling of one payer xd
And for mending of fower payer xxid
To Davison for facing & silke for his blew liuerie cote xviid
for making of it xiiiid

Date: 6/1594

To Anthony Colburne for making of ii payer of blew hosen iis
For Hamborow lyninge for them bothe iis iiiid
for bumbast xvid
for lace for them. vid
To younge Pulleyes wief for wasshing his lynnen xiid
And for mending of ii shirts & one payer of stockiings. vid

Date: 6/1594

Payed by John Reynolds for two payer of shoes for Nicholas Filburne his boye iis viiid
For wasshing hys lynnen & hosen xiid
for mending his shoes xvd
And for soling his stockyngs vid

Date: 6/1594

Payed by Petchey for a payer of venetians of sackcloth for Thomas Petchey my ladyes boye iis viiid
for a little trunke to hym. iiiis
And geuen to hym to put in his purse. iiis iiiid.

Date: 6/1594


To a Tayler of Chelmisford by John Reynolds for makynge a sacking doublet with all things to the same. viiis iiid

Date: 8/1594