• Apparell-related extracts from the Household account book of William Petre 1555-1557

    Most listings of apparell are for William Petre, who was around 50 years old.

    Modern English (post-1500)
    D/DP A6
    Published in 1557
    Color , People , Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD
    Petre Household Accounts


Apparell for my Master

To Vavasor for a satten nightcapp for my master iiiis vid
to hym for two brusshes iis viiid
to the skynner for furring two paires of sleves of grograyne viiid
for viii white lame skynnes for the same sleves iis
for furring your velvett gowne with martrens iiiis
for half a furre of squyrells viiis
for tawing iii martren skynnes xiid
for furring a gowne of black satten with lusernes iiiis
for scowring the same luserns iis
for furring a gowne of black damaske iiiis

Date: 12/24/1554

For the trymynge of my masters dager iiiis

Date: 1/27/1555

Apparell for Mr Goostwyke

Paid for certen apparell provided for Mr Gostwyk as foloweth
for a velvet capp viiis
for too yards di of Russett satten at ixs the yarde xxiis vid
for ii dossen buttons for his dublet vid
for silke iid
for ii Rone skynnes for a Jerkyn viiis
a taffata hatt iiiis viiid
two yards iii quarters black clothe for a cloke and a coote at viiis the yarde xxiis
silk to stiche it xviiid
cotton for lyning xviid
buttons for his cote ixd
fustian for lyning his dublet xviiid
a paire of sleves ixd

Date: 3/8/1555

Apparell for my master

To christofer the myliner for making an upper cappe of velvett for my master iis viiid
to him for a velvett night capp vis

Date: 3/24/1555

Apparell geven to Thomas Cooke

To Thomas Cooke by way of my mistress reward to by hym a Jerkyn viiis
A hooseclothe iiis iiiid and fustean for a dublet iiis iiiid xiiiis viiid
To randall the tayler for silk to mende my mistres gownes and thred to mend the coverletts xis

Date: 3/27/1555

apparell for my master

To cicell the taylor for two yards of black satten for a dublett at xiis the yarde xxxs
for fustean to lyne the same iis vid
for canvas viiid
bottons and silk xd
for bombasting the same vid
for the making xxd
Summa xxxvis

Date: 3/31/1555

apparel for Gostick

To George the Hosyer for a paire of white hoose for Mr Goostwyke lyning and making vs iiiid
for a paire of showes for hym ixd

Date: 4/1555

Damask for Apparell

For xii yards of tawny damask bought of one Richard Stokes at xs the yarde vi li

Date: 6/1555

My Masters Morning apparell

To William Taylor for iii yards black cotton at viiid the yard iis
for black fustean xd
for iii scaynes black silk vid
two dossen di of bottons xd
black thred id
Summa iiiis iiid

Date: 6/11/1555

Apparell for Mr Gostwyke

For too yards rybond for my masters cloke xiid
for a dublet of canvas iis iid
lyning xvid
making and botons xiiiid
iiiis viiid
for a clothe cappe iis vid
for a purse xviiid
for too pair of showes xviiid
for a payer of blacke hoose lyning and making viis

Date: 6/1555

Apparell for my master

To vavasor for two yards inglishe rybonde for garters for my mr xxd
To George the hosyer for a yarde qrt black kersey at vs the yarde vis iiiid
for making xvid
lyning xiid
stitching sylke viiid
ixs iiiid

Date: 6/24/1555

Bought for Mistress Petre

Paid to Mr Nalingharst for one hole pece of black Satten cont xli yards di at ixs the yard xviii li xiiis vid
To hym for xiii yards crymsen damaske at xis the yarde viili iiis
for thre yards tawny velvett at xxiiiis the yarde iii li xiis
for iiii ells tawny sarcenett at viis thell xxviiis
for fryse for the playtes of too gownes being v yards di at vid the yarde iis ixd
for vi yards crymsen damask at xvs vid the yard iiii li xiiis
for vii yards quarter of white satten at xis the yarde iii li xixs viiid
for a yarde quarter of crymsen satten at xiis the yarde xvs
for a Rolle of Bokram iiiis iiiid
for too yards di of fyne redd kersey xs
for a pece of Redd maccado cont xiii yards xvs
for viii yards white fustean at ixd the yarde vis
for viii yardes black cotton at xid the yarde viis iiiid
for a quart of a yard white velvett iiiis
for a yarde of Redd bokerom xvd
for too yards redd satten bridges iiiis iiiid
for too yards white satten bridges iiiis iiiid
for too yards tawny satten bridges iiiis
for two scaynes redde sylk and too scaynes white silke viiid
in reward to Cycell my Masters taylor for his paynes taken in bying certen things for my mistress iiis iiiid

Date: 6/24/1555

Apparell for my mr

To mr mathew a taylor for a wastcote of fustean for my master with making and lyning iiis viiid

Date: 7/11/1555

Thursday the xith of this moth Mr talbot came to my master

for a cappe for Mr Talbott iis iiiid
for two dossen botons for his lether jerkyn viiid
for threde id
for closing of the Jerkyn at the shomakers viiid
Summa xviid

Date: 7/12/1555

Silke bought for Apparell

To Mr Nalinghurst for viii yards quarter di of blacke satten at xis the yard iiii li xis iiiid
for a dossen botons for my mrs black cote and thred iiiid

Date: 7/21/1555

Apparell for my Mr

To Mathew the taylor for a wastcote of fustian for my mr iiiis viiid
To George the hosyer for making lyning and sylk for a paire of hoose for my mr iiis iiiid

Date: 8/16/1555

For Mistress Dorothe

Money distributed by Mr Stonely for the parcells folowing being for mistress Dorothe and not before charged viz
Item for vi yardes Jean damaske at xiiis the yarde lxxviiis
Item for ii yards di of white Jean fustean at ixd the yarde xxiid
Item for ii oz spanishe silke iiis
Item for di oz of crymisyn satten silke iis
Item for iiiior yards cotton at xid the yarde iiis viiid
Item for di yarde of fryce iiiid

Date: 8/1555

The parcells folowing were disbursed by my ladie

First paid Gillam the goldesmythe for two billiments of golde a bigger and a lesser weighing vi oz quarter di at liis the oz lacking a chole wroght with mrs? xvi li viis vid
Item more for the fashon of the same after the rate of xs the oz iii li iiis ixd
for making a French hoode iis viiid
a hoode past vid
making a black velvet billyment iiiid
for a crymsyn satten billyment iis viiid
for a white satten billyment iis iiiid
for two crepins xiis
for two lynings of billyments xxiid
for rasing a part of the satten sleves iis viiid
for iiiior lynen clothes at iis iiiid thell ixs iiiid
iii ells lynen at iiis iiiid thell xs
for rasing of one other paire of saten sleves xxiid
xlvis iid

Date: 11/1555

Item more to the said Gillam for two other billyments a bygger and a lesser poiz v oz di lacking vs in weight at liis oz xiiii li xiid
and for the fashon therof at xs the oz liiiis
xvili xvs

Date: 11/1555

And paid to the said Guillam the goldesmyth for xvi paire of Agletts whit enamyled weighing one oz di quarter of weight at lyk the oz weight xs for the fashion of euery oz

Date: 11/1555