• Inventory of James Backhouse of Kiebye in Lonsdaile, a tradesman

    The inventory of a tradesman, taken from Wills and Inventories from the Registry of the Archdeaconry of Richmond, Extending Over Portions of the Counties of York, Westmerland, Cumberland, and Lancaster , beginning on page 273

    Author: James Raine
    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1578
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD
    Probate Inventories


Inventory, 20 September, 1578.

Inprymis redd fresadow at 6 s. 6 d. a yeard.

Turkye culler at 4 s. a yeard, xxxiiij s.

v yeards of browne blew at ixs. a yeard, xlvs.

iij yeards and a quarter of skye culler carsaye, viij s. viij d.

vj yeards of blacke and grene motlaye ij s. vjd. a yeard, xvs.

ij yeards of skye culler carsaye, iijs. iiij d.

xi yeards of contre russett carsay xxviij d. a yeard, xvj s. vj d.

viij yeards of grene carsaye at xxij d. a yeard, xiiij s. viij d

viij yeards di of gilloflower carsay at xviij d. a yeard, xij s. ixd.

ij yeards iij. quarters of sad new culler at iiij s. ij d. a yeard, xj s. iiij d.

A yeard and a di of shepes culler brod[cloth], xiij s.

vij yeards iij. quarters of blew and blacke bayse, xvs. iiij d.

ij yeards of brode pucke at iiij s. a yeard, viij s.

A yeard of red freseadow at ij s.

vj yeards of mockadow blacke redd at xviij d. a yeard, ix s. vj d.

ix yeards of borato at ij s. vj d. a yeard, xxij s. vj d.

ix yeards iij. quarters of bl and browne chamlett, xxviij s. vj d.

v yeards of red chamlett at iiij s. vj d. a yeard, xxv s. x d.

v yeards of purple chamlett at iiij s. vj d. a yeard, xxij s. vj d.