Page/Folio No.: 10

Item in beddvng and bordclothys, xiij s. iiij d.

Person: Edward Lord Nuper
Date: 1520
Page/Folio No.: 12

Item a gown with a dublytt, x s.

Person: John Baeon of Mappleton
Date: 6/1/1535
Page/Folio No.: 21

Item one hode of damaske, price xij d.

Item one typpett of cercenett, price xx d...

Item one velvett nyght cappe,

Theis parcells hereafter foloyng couldle not be prased because the prasers coulde have no vew nor syght therof. Inprimis, one fyne blake gowne, one chamelett jakett, on worsted jakett, one chamelett doblet, one worsted doblet, one parre of hosen and one cappe, whyche ar in the kepyng of Thomas Kendell.

Person: Roger Pele, Parson of Dalton in Furnes
Date: 1541
Page/Folio No.: 39

Rament.A gowne of tafiatay, a velvete Jackett, a cloake of cloth, a goune of cloth, one sattyn dublett, with other raparell, vli.

Person: Wylliam Witheman, Of Brattenbye, Gentilman.