An ounce of

gold & siluer lace with spangles xis
Venice Gold vis viiid
Frindge of venice gold viiis
Passamayne lace of gold & siluer ixs
Bone lace of gold or siluer ixs
Golde or siluer wyer viiis
Granado silke iiiis
other silke iiis iiiid , iis vid
Pinkes of gold or Siluer ixs
Chayne Frindge iiiis viiid / iiiis
Chayne lace iiiis viiid
Brayded lace iiis viiid
Penny brode ryben iiiis
Bugell work lace vis viiid (transcriber's note: this line was crossed out)
Twist lace vis
dyinge here lacing Reband xiiid (transcriber's note: this entry was added in between the other lines in a light ink
<Inkblot> lace iiis iiiid
Spanishe lace iiiis
knytt Lace vis viiid
frindge of Silke iiiis/iis vid

Citation Type  Wardrobe Warrant
Page/Folio No. 100
Citation Year 1582