• The rates and prises of all suche Stuff and workmanshipp as usuallie is served out of the Office aforesaid into her maiesties...Warderobe of the Roobes

    This manuscript is one of the warrants found in PRO LC 5/32, a book of miscellaneous wardrobe-related documents dating from the time of Henry VII through Elizabeth's reign. It lists the prices for materials and workmanship for Queen Elizabeth's Great Warderobe.

    The manuscript mentions Queen Elizabeth's dwarf Thomasine, who first appears in the warrants in 1579. The mention of half-farthingales also dates it post-1580. The price list also mentions the price for making great farthingales, the only entries for which are found in warrants dated between 1582-1585; from 1585 through 1593, no great farthingales are mentioned in Elizabeth's wardrobe warrants. This price list does not list the cost for making farthingale sleeves, an item that first appears in Elizabeth's wardrobe accounts in 1585 and becomes ubiquitous in the late 1580s and 1590s.

    However, the list of garments described in the "Making of" section of the tailor's price list bears a very striking resemblance to the Robes Warrant for April 12, 1587; and 1587 is also the only warrant mentioning a "high bodied gown of satin" for Elizabeth's dwarf, although the 1587 warrant mentioned no farthingales. More research is needed, but I have tentatively dated this manuscript to 1582-1587.

    Modern English (post-1500)
    LC 5/32
    Published in 1582
    People , Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD

    The original price listing manuscript was a long roll, cut up into pages, pasted into the manuscript book, and labeled with page numbers. Some sections are drafts that are crossed out and rewritten later on in the manuscript.


An ounce of

Page/Folio No.: 100

gold & siluer lace with spangles xis
Venice Gold vis viiid
Frindge of venice gold viiis
Passamayne lace of gold & siluer ixs
Bone lace of gold or siluer ixs
Golde or siluer wyer viiis
Granado silke iiiis
other silke iiis iiiid , iis vid
Pinkes of gold or Siluer ixs
Chayne Frindge iiiis viiid / iiiis
Chayne lace iiiis viiid
Brayded lace iiis viiid
Penny brode ryben iiiis
Bugell work lace vis viiid (transcriber's note: this line was crossed out)
Twist lace vis
dyinge here lacing Reband xiiid (transcriber's note: this entry was added in between the other lines in a light ink
<Inkblot> lace iiis iiiid
Spanishe lace iiiis
knytt Lace vis viiid
frindge of Silke iiiis/iis vid

A cawle

Page/Folio No.: 101

Of gold or Siluer lxxs
Of Silke xxs
Fyne white knotted xiiis iiiid

A payre of

Page/Folio No.: 101

Partelet laces of gold or siluer vs
Partelet laces of Silke iis (crossed out)
garters of silke of sondry colors gold lace at xxiiis iiiid
Garters of Sarcenet edged withe golde Frindge xiiis iiiid
Silke knyt hose wrought with gold iiii li
Silke knytt hose lxvis viiid/lvs
Sleuis knytt iiis iiiid
Garnesey hose knytt vs
Shirt Laces id

A yard of

Page/Folio No.: 101

Silke (crossed out) Spanishe riben of qrt (crossed out) iid brode iis vid (crossed out) xiid
Girdle Riben ?s (heavily crossed out)
Garter riben xvid
keyband ryben xvid
Paris riben iiiid
Ca??s (heavily crossed out) heyre lacynge ribene xiiiid
Camerick ruffs wrought and edged vis/vs crossed out
nedlework lace iis
Tape iiiid
venice riben xiid
Lawne striped with gold xxs
Other Lawne xiiis iiid viiiis
Camerick xiiis iiiid
Syperes of silke iiiis

A pece of

Page/Folio No.: 101

Cullin riben for girdelinge viii li
venice riben for girdleling xxs
brode poyntinge riben xs
narowe poynting Riben vs
Pasamayne riben iiis iiiid (crossed out)
Towers riben ingraine xs/iiis iiiid
hollow lace iis
keyband reband lxxiis

Silke poynts

Page/Folio No.: 101

The dozin iis xiid

A dozin of

Page/Folio No.: 102

Buttons with lowpes of silke and gould xls
Buttons and lowpes of silke xiis
Gold Buttons xiiis iiiid
gold siluer and silk buttons xiis
Silke Buttons viiid

A pounde of

Page/Folio No.: 102

Paste wyer iiis
Fyne white thred xls / xxxiis
Bumbast iis

Page/Folio No.: 102

(a draft section on tailoring rates, hashed out with diagonal lines--it is rewritten later on on page 106)


Page/Folio No.: 103

Item for makinge a paire of shoes of veluet xis viiid
for makinge a paire of Pantobles of velt xiis
For a paire of shoes or Pantobles of Spanyshe Lether vis iiiid
For Translatinge of a paire of Pantobles or shoes iiis iiiid & iis


Page/Folio No.: 103

Item for makinge:

a half verthingale of Satten Striped with lace xxs
a great verthingale xls

For whale bone to yt vis viiid
For bent to the same vis viiid
For alteringe a verthingale xvs
For a yard of whalebone & bent xvid. xiid. viiid


Page/Folio No.: 103

For coueringe the close carre with hide lether viiili.vi li xiiis iiiid
for a male of spanishe Lether lyned with Cotton with laces & braces to yt lxxs
for a Clothsack of hide lether lyned with Canvas with laces and braces to yt liiis iiiid
For 1000 of hooks xiiis iiiid
for 1000 Crotchetts xxvs
A Colebasket Lyned with Lether vs
A Gispin iiis iiiid
A black Jack iiiis
A lb of Lyor iiiis
a great Standerd v li vis viiid
a great flat coffer xxvis viiid


Page/Folio No.: 103

This section is duplicated on page 104 in a different format. This section is included; the section on 104 is not. Any differences between this section and the page 104 version are noted in parentheses.

A Timber of

Page/Folio No.: 104

Ermyns xls . xxs
Mynkes viii li, v li
Callaber xls.xxvis viiid (the summary on 104 has lxs. xls )
menever xls, xxis
Squyrrells xiiis iiiid / vis viiid


A timber is 40 skins.

A skynne of

Page/Folio No.: 103

Luzarns vii li vi li
Sables iiii li v li & v li
Woluerns v li
Jennetts xxs iiid (on page 104, the price is xls. xxxiiis iiiid. )
Martron xxs
Pampillion vis viiid iis vid
Budge iiis iiiid iis vid
Siluer heared Cony & other vis . iiis iiiid. iis vid (on page 105, the price is vs. iiiis. iiis iiiid. )
Black Cony viiid. xd. xiid
Whit Lambe iiiid vid
Read lame iis

Performaunce of

Page/Folio No.: 104

Luzarnes v li iiii li vi li
100 of powderings iis
1000 of Pynks xxx iiis iiiid
Jennetts xxvis viiid (on page 104, the price is xxs. xiiis iiiid.)
Sables lxs
Mynkes xs
Armyns iiiili v li vi li xiiis iiid
Pure xs

A furre of

Page/Folio No.: 104

Jennetts Powtes xxxvis
Lyberds Powtes v li
Liberds wombes v li

Page/Folio No.: 104

A Luzarne Backe iis
A lb damask powder xiiis iiiid
For furringe a gowne xxs
for mendinge the furre of a gowne xs. xiiis iiiid


Page/Folio No.: 105

the below list was originally written on page 102 as a draft. The 102 page was hashed out and the completed, final list rewritten here. Everything is the same, just reorganized, aside from the changes noted in notes of individual items.

for makinge

A frenche gowne of Satten xlvis viiid / xls
a lose gowne xls / xxxiiis iiiid.
A highe bodyed gowne xxs / xxis iiid xls
a paire of highe bodies for a gowne xxs / xiiis iiiid (In the page 102 version, this was "a paire of highe bodies for a gowne of velt")
a cloke of veluet xxvis viiid / xxs
a safegarde xxs / xvs
a dublet xxs.
a petycoate xiiis iiiid / xs / vs
a round kirtle of veluet xvs
a partelet cut in rysinge panes vis viiid
a Stomacher of Satten vs / iis vid
a couering of Sipers for a gowne xxs
a paire of sleuis of Satten xs
a paire of sleuis of Taffata vs
a paire of sleuis of Sarcenet vs
a paire of sleuis of holland iiis iiiid
a paire of sleuis of flannell iis
a paire of rolles of fustian xxd
a Base of flannell iis vid
a cloke bagge xiiis iiiid (in the page 102 version, this was "a clokbagg of veluet")

For alteringe and translatinge

Page/Folio No.: 105

Of a gowne xvis / xiiis iiiid / xs
a dublet xiiis iiiid / xs / vis viiid
A safegard xiiis iiiid
and new lyninge of a gowne xiiis viiiid / xs
a paire of bodies vis viiid
a partelet iis vid
a paire of bodies and sleuis xs
for new lyninge a gowne vis viiid

for borderinge

Page/Folio No.: 105

a gowne iiis iiiid
a kirtle or Safegard iiis iiiid

Page/Folio No.: 105

For a yarde of Rubbinge Cloth viiis
for a yard of Flannell iiis
for a yard of bayes iiis iiid
for a yard of Buckeram xvid
for a yard of Canvas xvid
for a pece of Fustian xxxs
a pece of Buckeram xiiis iiiid
item for a grosse of bugle Agletts xxxvis
item for a paie of sleeves vis viiid
item for a brushe iiiis
item for a rubbinge brushe xiid
item for a paper booke vis viiid
item a pounde of Cearinge Candles iis viiid
item a pound of hooks and eyes iis viiid
item a Pottle of ynk iis
holland Cloth for a paire of sleuis 1 elle<
fustian for a paire of rolls 1 yarde
Flanell for a base iiii yards

For makinge for dwarf.

Page/Folio No.: 106

A highe bodied gowne of Satten xxs / xiiis iiid
A gowne xvs xiiis / xs
A Petycoate vs
a paire of sleuis vs


For Thomasine, Elizabeth's woman dwarf

The Hosyer.

Page/Folio No.: 106

for makinge a paire of doble lyned hose iiis iiiid
Item ii ells of holland to them at xs.
for makinge a paire of single hose xxd
1 ell of holland to them xs