A Riche coat of Armes for Garter princypall kinge at Armes

Page/Folio No.: 57

Trustie and welbelouid we greate ye well. And will & commaund you fourthwith upon the sighte hereof you deliuer or cause to be deliuered to our trustie and welbeloued Servaunt William Dethicke made and appoynted by us to be Garter princypall kinge at Armes one Riche Coate of our Armes embraudered upon veluet with gold and of lyke stuffe Length & bredthe as in tymes past hath bynne accustomed. And these our Lettres shalbe your sufficient warraunt & dischardge in this behalf. yeoven under our Signet at our manor of Grenewich the xxiiii daie of Aprile in the xxix yeare of our Raigne

To our trustie and welbelouid John Fortescue Esquier Mr of our great Warderob