A warraunte for the watching lyverie, November 6, ER 28

Page/Folio No.: 2-4

We will and commaunde you fourthwith upon the sighte hereof and by warraunte of the same that of our treasor and mony remayninge in your custody and kepinge you do deliuer Edwarde Wyngate Clark of the Checque of our Garde the sommes of mony hereafter folowinge for the preuision of clothe of our raigne. That ys to say To our righte trustie & welbeloued and Capitayne of our Garde six yardes of Tawney medley at tenne poundes.
Summa xiiii li. geven to him for the office of of (sic) our Chamber whose names hereafter ensue beinge in nomber ccviii persons for every of them fyve yardes of Tawny medley at iiiid the yarde, Summa Totalis of all this warraunte amounts to: ccxxii li. And these our Lettres shalbe your suffycyente warraunte and dischardge in that behalf. Geven under our Signet at our Manoure of Richemount the vi daie of November in the xxvii year of our Raigne.

Edward Wingate
William Barker
Raffe Hill
Roberte Barton
Roberte Seale
Edmund Tindall
John Rowdon
Robert James
John Standen
John Weekes
Philipp Punchard
Richard Masters
Nicholas Humfry
Edmunde Dounton
John Havergill
Lawrence Beeley
James Bellamy
John Nott
John Ludquott
Henry Whittell
William Staunton
Richard Nelson
Griffith Lewis
William Bowle
Freeman Younge
Edwarde Roberts
William Bowyer
Thomas Mytten
Edmund Hampshire
William Woodgate
John Symonder
John Maywarde
George Baldock
Charles Pagett
Mathewe Petley
Walter Hickox
William Comyn
John Hawkins
George Rober
Andrewe Pase
John Walter
Lawrence Manley
Clement Carsewell
Raffe Cardiffe
Richard Hassawe
Roberte Edwards
William Elinge
William Holmes
Thomas Poulney
Thomas Conaway
John Bawley
Roberte Bromefeld
Thomas Yonge
Richard Quill
William Hill
Edward Wingate
Walter Spendlowe
Alexander Cranford
Thomas Brewer
John Fysher
John West<
Fraunces Wilmote
John Browne
Anthony Eskam
David Lewis
William Bennett
Lewis Stier
Henry Lennan
Nicholas Kydwell
Nicholas Noyes
Roger Bingion
Tomas Kente
William James
Christofer Hollyman
Hawtrey Smythe
Randall Aston
Gabriell Lambert
John Pearson
John Aprice
William Yowins
Thomas Throughgood
William Jones<
Alexander Morley
Hunfrey Helstone
John Vazakerley
Thomas Weaver
Richarde Mason
Thomas Fenre
Thomas Barrell
Fraunces Bessewick
Walter Bennett
William Payne
Thomas Holliwele
Thomas Jenkins
Richard Barten
Miles Roode
Edwarde Grene
Barnard Wakefeld
Daniell Dockrel
Henry Paule
Hughe Browne
Robert Hatton
John Thomas
Edmund Hoult
Thomas Johnes
Richard Hawle
William Jan
Henry Cernock
Thomas Pate
Thomas Elsone
James Aprice
John Parker
Baynold Bockhault
Richard Whitewecke
Thomas browne
William Clarke
Thomas Mountigne
George Elyott
Roger Monseall
Mawrice Williams
Cutbert Bowle
William Prescott
Roberte Johnes
Tomas Mathewe
Henry Bowman
John Griffith
Christopher Bowyer
William Dounton
Thomas Rogers
Thomas yonge
Richard Prickett
Henry Mech
Nicholas Damell
Luke Bryat
William Turnell
Robert Wewark
Hughe Jage
John Grene

Yeomen Warders of the Tower
Sir William Gorge Gentleman Porter
John Haywarde
William Symowes
Robert Butler
Robert chadwicke
Robert Shawe
Robert Neave
Thomas Batler
Edward Snopill
Symon Mason
Raffe Gaskin
William mercer
Henry Massam
Peter Wells
Andrewe Palmer
William Robinson
Roger Gibson
Henry Hill
Leonard Sumerset
Thomas Dowsinge
Richarde Prince
John Forde
Richarde Powell
Henry Campion
William Hodges
Anthony Davies
Thomas Searle
John Potter
William Ryland
Anthony Beard
Thomas Meare

Gromes of the Prevy Chamber
Edwarde Cary
Henry Sackford
John Baptist
Thomas Asheley
Thomas Knyvet
Thomas Gorge
William Killigrewe
Henry Myddlemone
Edwarde Darsey
Edward Denny

Gromes of the Chamber
Thomas Cornwallis Gent Porter
James Claton
John Redinge
Thomas Reede
John Lewelline
Humfey Rogers
John Oldam
Richard Lecavell
Richard Beecher
Valentine Harris
Richard Flynte
Richard Scoley
John Bulne
George Caldwell
John Gates

Yeomen and gromes of the Robes
Raffe Hope<
Humfrey Adderley
Charles Smythe

Yeomen gromes pages of Warderobe of Beddes
Roberte Cotton<
Hughe Underhill
John Wynyarde
Richarde Killisitt
Thomas Hickson
John Cotton

Pages of the Chamber
John Collier
Edmund Sketts
John Goodyer
Walter Tynnall

To our Trustie and welbeloued Servaunt John Fortescue Esquire Mr of our great Warderobe.

Made For: Edwarde Wyngate, yeomen, Made By: Thomas Ludwell