Account for Hoisery and Hats, etc c 1614 (no prices listed)

Imprimis, sax yeardis of wroicht deroy culourit saten, pryce of the yeard
Item, sax yeardis and ane quarter of cramesen tuftit tafetie, pryce of the yeard [On margin, "Fre."]
Item, alewine quarteris of quhyt saten, pryce of the yeard
Item, Ane gray baiver hait withe ane imbrowderit string of cramesen cyperis, pryce of the hait and band [On Margin, "Sempill."]
Item, Ane exceiding fyne gray felt hait withe ane poik of gray tafetie and ane gray cyperis band weill imbrowderit withe siluer, pryce of the hait and band [On margin, "That be lairdge enufe for my awine hed, fre."]
Item, als manie yeardis of silver gallowne les that be fyne winnes silver as will serve for Phredrikis dowblet and hois extending to         wnces, pryce of the wnce      
Item, Als manie gallowne les of silke suitabill to the saten as will serve to put tu in all pairtis of the dowblet and skirt extending in wnces to ___ pryce of the wnce ___
Item, Ane heirrit cullowrit girdill withe hingeris togither withe ane cramesie girdill and hingeris, pryce of boithe extending to _____
Item, Tu paire of gairteris suitabill to the girdillis, pryce of thame _____
Item, Ane quhyt saten picadell with two leffit bandis of the newest fasone for any young womane, pryce of the picadell and bandis ___
Item, Twalffe yeardis of sume prottie worsett stuffis, pryce of the yeard ____
Item, Ane weill cullourit gray felt hait with ane imbrowderit cyper band, pryce of the hait and band _____
Item, Two paire of carnatione silk stokeins, pryce of thame ____
Item, Ane fyne saten picadell for Phredrik off the newest faissone, pryce of it _____
Item, two fyne gilt swordis withe fyne wellvet skabertis and guid clipis, the gairdis of thame lyke to Sir James Sempillis, pryce of thame boithe ___
Item, Ane fyne blak hait withe ane blak cyperis band imbrowderit for ane gentill woman that be of the best and newest faissone, pryce of it _____
Item, Two paire of worset stokeins meit for ane lardge young womanis leg, one paire of thame carnatione, the uther paire pepingo greine, pryce of thame boithe 13s 4d
Item, Two paire of worsett stokeins for George Hamiltowne that be lairdge and long anuffe, one paire of thame reid, the uther paire yellow; pryce of thame boithe ___
Item, Foure yeardis and ane quarter of cloithe of sume prottie cullour to be ane clok and ane paire of hois to George Hamiltowne; pryce of it not exceiding twalfe or thretine shillings
Item, Four yeardis moir of that same cullour and that same pryce; pryce of thame bothe ___
Item, Ane westcoitt of cramesen tafetie bouchet at the Hors schue in the Auld Excheinge, pryce of it xxxviiis
Item, Cloithe to be ane cloik, breiks and socks to my brother, extending to ____ yeardis; pryce of the yeard ____
Item, Als meikill freis as will lyne the cloik withe pasmentis and all uther furniture suitabill thairto
Item, Ane girdill and hingeris imbrowderit with silk
Item, Ane stiekit tafetie west coit
Item, Thrie yeardis of saten suitabill to the cloithe with les and silk conforme
Item, Thertie yeardis of flowrit tafetie or sume uther bonie sticht stuffe for his doichteris, withe such les and uther furniture as is meittest for thame, guve it be breder nor half yeard bred les nor thertie all will serve
Item, Sax yeardis and ane halfe of the fynest and best luisterit blak saten that can be had.
Item, Twalfe dissone of trien trunschoris
Item, Ane Indian kome to taik skellis owt of Oncies head

Citation Type  Account Entry
Citation Year 1614