Ane silk killywanco suitt

Inprimes, elleven yairds and ane quarter of silk killymanco, price of the yaird 2s extends to 6£ 3s 9d
Item, for 3 quarters of taftie to the doublett and hois 10s
Item, for Jenes fustiane 3s 6d
Item, for 4 oz 3 quarters of galloune to the doublett and hois, pryce of the unce 2s 4d, extends to 11s 1d
Item for 6 doissoune of Pareis bottounes 3s
Item, for 3 onces and a quarter of stitching and souing silk, pryce of the unce 2s 4d, extends to 7s 7d
Item, for quhit shag to lyne the doublitt 10s 6d
Item, for canves to the doublitt 2s 6d
Item, for poldaves and quail bone 1s 6d
Item, for steffning to the doublett 1s
Item, for bais to the hois, blak and quhyt 9s 4d
Item, for polkets 8d
Item, for rubane to the hois 2s 6d
Item, for holland 5s 6d
Item, for lowpe lais 4d
Item, for taftie and rubane to lyne the collor and frais 1s 6d
Item, for making the doublett and hois 1£
Suma is 10£ 14s 3d

Citation Type  Account Entry
Citation Year 1614
Date 1/1/1614