The Accompte of Arthure Ruck Maior one of the Wardans of the Orphants of Charles Cicke for goods sowld by him the vth of februarie 1606 at a Leefecoope...and is for the use of Thomas Ingram her sonne...

Item paid for making of fowre bands and one Sherte for her sonne viid

Item for a payre of Showes for him ixd

Item paid Thomas Horsman for makinge a Dublet a paire of hoose and a wastecote he fynding lenone for the Dublet for Thomas Ingram iiiis iid

Item paid Henry Dryland for CLoothes he made he fynding Stufe and for bying of Shertes Stockines Shoowes and other things as by his Byll appereth for the said Thomas Ingram xxis viid

Item paid Henry Dryland as money geven him with Thomas Ingram to be his prentis vii li

Citation Type  Account Entry
Citation Year 1606