Here followeth the particuler paiments of the foresaid Arthure Rucke for the foresaid Orphants viz Thomas and John Martine in answare of the said Receipts viz.

Item for a pare of Shoose for ye biger boye xvid

Item for twoe pare of Shoose for the lesser boye iis vid

Item for a hate and a pare of Stockins for John Martine

Item for a yarde and a halfe of Kersey at iiis iiiid the yarde for John Martine vs

Item for twoe yards of Graye ffryes at xviiid the yarde iiis

Item for a yarde and a halfe of Greene cotten iis

Item for a halfe a yarde of Blue cotten vid

Item for Thomas Martine a yarde and a three qr of Kersey at iiis vid the yarde vis iid

Item twoe yards and a halfe of Blacke cotten at viiid the yarde xxd

Item to William Skerlet for making of ther Cloothes xis

Item to my selfe for Red fryse which his wyfe had that was owing to me viis

Item for a hat for the biger boye iis vid

Item paid for Stockings xxd

Item Richard Lucke for fowre ells of Canvas to make the biger boye Sherts vs iiiid

Item a quarter and a half of holland for bands xiid

Citation Type  Account Entry
Citation Year 1590