The Accompte of Roger Manwood Jurate one of the Wardens of the Orphants of the goods & Rents belonging unto the Orphant Thomasyn Wolters.

Note by Thomas Dorman, the editor:

The most interesting account in the book is probably that of Thomasine Wolters, Woulters, Oulters, or Ulters, extending as it does from the year 1588 to past 1594, and through several wardens

She was apparently an heiress in a small way, with house property producing a rental of over 10£ a year, and the items of payment give a considerable insight into the manner and the costs of the repairs of her houses and the materials employed, and also with regard to the various articles of her dress.

Her board appears to have cost originally 2£ a year, but in April 1592 she was sent to finish her education at a boarding school at Canterbury, where the cost of board and teaching was 8£ a year; and in 1594 she came to reside with the Warden, Mr Will Wood, for which he was to have 5£ a year. To prepare for the important event of going to live at Canterbury it was necessary she should have a new gown, for which two yards of violet broad cloth, two yards of baize, one yard of cotton, and divers other things were purchased, at a cost of 2£ 19s 8d, while the expense of making, including the stiffening for it, came to 6s 4d more. Linen for neckerchers and other necessaries was purchased, and made up at a cost of 1£ 1s 3d. ...Her shoes cost apparently from 1s to 18d the pair, and mending shoes is a frequent but not expensive item; but a Taffyta hat at 10s seems rather costly. Her hose she apparently knitted herself, as there is yarn bought for that purpose two or three times, and on one occasion the dyeing of them is mentioned. Once or twice hose were bought at 2s 2d a pair, one pair especially against Christmas. The whole winds up with the balance being handed to a man named Harker who had married the orphan.

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Citation Year 1590