• The Sandwich Book of Orphans

    An account book of expenses disbursed for the care and keeping of orphans in Sandwich.Transcribed from Archaeologia Cantiana, Volume 16. (1888)

    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1590
    Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD


The Accompte of Roger Manwood Jurate one of the Wardens of the Orphants of the goods & Rents belonging unto the Orphant Thomasyn Wolters.

Note by Thomas Dorman, the editor:

The most interesting account in the book is probably that of Thomasine Wolters, Woulters, Oulters, or Ulters, extending as it does from the year 1588 to past 1594, and through several wardens

She was apparently an heiress in a small way, with house property producing a rental of over 10£ a year, and the items of payment give a considerable insight into the manner and the costs of the repairs of her houses and the materials employed, and also with regard to the various articles of her dress.

Her board appears to have cost originally 2£ a year, but in April 1592 she was sent to finish her education at a boarding school at Canterbury, where the cost of board and teaching was 8£ a year; and in 1594 she came to reside with the Warden, Mr Will Wood, for which he was to have 5£ a year. To prepare for the important event of going to live at Canterbury it was necessary she should have a new gown, for which two yards of violet broad cloth, two yards of baize, one yard of cotton, and divers other things were purchased, at a cost of 2£ 19s 8d, while the expense of making, including the stiffening for it, came to 6s 4d more. Linen for neckerchers and other necessaries was purchased, and made up at a cost of 1£ 1s 3d. ...Her shoes cost apparently from 1s to 18d the pair, and mending shoes is a frequent but not expensive item; but a Taffyta hat at 10s seems rather costly. Her hose she apparently knitted herself, as there is yarn bought for that purpose two or three times, and on one occasion the dyeing of them is mentioned. Once or twice hose were bought at 2s 2d a pair, one pair especially against Christmas. The whole winds up with the balance being handed to a man named Harker who had married the orphan.

Receipts for the rentals of John Martin, a Dutch Tailor.

St Michell 1588: Item of John Martyn Dutcheman for a quarters farm of the Store house xs
Annunciation 1589: Of John Martin Dutch taylor for the store house xxs
St. Michell 1589: John Martin Dutch Taylor for the Store house xxs
Annunciation 1590: Item more the same daye of John Martin for half a yeares rent of his house due at our Lady day last past xxs
October 17, 1589: Item allowed Martin the Taylor for reparacions of his house xviiid
1592:Of John Martin for the like [one whole yeares rent] xls

Chardges of Thomasine Woulters Apparrell, Diett, & other Necessesaries (1590-1591)

Item paid for 5 elle & a quarter of wight clothe to make her 4 smocks at iis thell & the making xis vid

Item paid Momer the 9 of Marche 1591 for 2 yardes of violett broad cloath to make her a gowne xxiiiis

Item paid him more the same day for 2 yardes of baies & 1 yarde cotten vis viiid

Item paid at Roger Rawes for divers things to furnishe her gowne withall as by a bill of particulers may appeare xxixs

Item paid the 3 of Aprill 1591 to John Damon for linnen to make her nickerchers & other necessaries at her goinge to Canterbury xvis

Item for making her 4 nickerchers & Lace vs iiid

Item bought for her fine Wight thrid to woork withall xiid

Item paid to Jervas Basfork for makinge her gowne & stiffinge to yt vis iiiid

Item paid for thrid sent to her to Canterbury xvd

Item sent to her to Canterbury the 28 of August half an ownce of thrid which cost xiid

Item sent to Canterbury by Ongley the post a paire of hose iis iiiid

Item paid for half an ell of Cambrick to make her Coyfes & stringes to them & a quarter of Cambrick for her to woork vs

Item paid for makinge the Coyfes xvd

A note of all suche paiementes as have been paid by the foresaid William Wood for the Orphant Thomsin Oulters Sithence St Michell Anno 1592, viz

Paid more for a Cotton Wastcote for her xvid

Paid more for 3/4 and a half of Devonsheire Kersey to make her a Wastcote iiis xd

Item for lace to bynd yt & for the makinge xviiid

Item for half a pound of yarne to make her hose of

Item for a Seame of Frenche worke for a koyf vs

Item given to her more the 23 of Aprill to buy her some silke to Worke her a Koyf & other such like iis

Item more the viiith of June for a paire of gloves xiid

Item more for 3 Linnen Aprons for her iis

Item paid the 11 of Julye for a hatt for her vis

Item paid for a pound of Yarne to make her hose xvid

Item more the same time [the 29 of September] for shooes & amending of shooes & for other necessaries iis vid

Item paied to George Hutchenson for a yard and a half of Stammell Cloth to make her a petticote at xs vid the Yard xvs ixd

Item for a paire of Shooes for her the 11 day of december xviiid

Memo that the 4 of Aprell Anno 1594 Tomsine Oulters comytted her selfe into my kepyinge and is to paye me for her borde for so longe time as she is with me after the rate of ffyve pounds by the yere whose recknynge here under followethe

Item fyrst for a sampler bought by her of Mrs Smythe xiid

Item for sylke the 9 of Aprelle

Item for 36 stickes to make lace xiid

Item for sylke the 17 of Aprell vid

Item for sylke the 26 of Aprell vid

Item for stringes for an aporne and pynes and thryde vid

Item for 10 yardes of lyle grograyne at xxd the yearde for her gown xvis viiid

Item for a yearde of green saye xvid

Item for v elles of bokeram at 14 1/2 d the ell to make her two smockes vis

Item for mendynge of her shooes the xi daye of May vd

Item the 19 day of Maye for a payer of shooes xvd

Item for a cushen to make lace uppon iis

Item geven her more the 19 of June to bye her strynges for an apurne iiiid

Item for an ell of cambrycke to make her gorgetes and bandes viis

Item for halfe an ell of hollandes to make her quayfes iis

Item geven her the 3 of August to bye her a gerdle and pynnes to paye where shee had borrowed xvid

Item for a payer of whale boone sleues for her gowne iis iiiid

Item for buckrame and bentes for the same gowne xiid

Item for drawinge the tape and sleues of the same gowne xiid

Item for bayes for the same gowne vis iiiid

Item for makinge of the same vis

Item for makinge of a payre of bodyes to Thomsynes petycote iiiid

Item for a payer of shooes for her the 22 of September xiid

Item for a boone thimble iid

Item for halfe a pounde of yearne to make her hoose xiiid

Item for a payer of shoose for her the same tyme [21 of November] xvid

Item geven her to buye threed and needles and pynnes at the fayer xiid

Item more geven to her the 8 of december to buye lace for gorgetes vid

Item for mending her shooes and for dyenge of her hoose iiiid

Item for a taffyta hatt for her xs

Item geven her more the 8 of December to buye her lace for her gorgetes xiid

Item for makinge of her gorgetes xiid

Item the 10 daye for mendinge her shooes iiiid

Item for makinge her a band and lyninge for it xiid

Item payd for Tany bobyne lace for her gowne and sylke to sett it on vs ixd

Item for 2 yeardes & 3/4 of russet fustyan iis ixd

Item for a yearde and 1/2 of peache colured brod clothe to make her a petycote xvs

Item for halfe an ell of blewe busfyne xvd

Item for 1/2 an ell of 3/4 clothe iiiid

Item for 6 yeardes and 1/4 of blacke and red bylyment lace iis id

Item for 3 yeardes of lase to bynde it iiid

Item for 6 oz and 1/2 statute fringe for the same iis iid

Item for makinge of the same and for sylke xviiid

Item for a yearde and 1/4 of Devonshire carsye to make her a wastcoote iiiis vid

Item for makinge of the same and for byndynge lace xiiid

Item for 1/2 an ell and 1/2 1/4 of canvas to make her a payer of bodyes before forgotten xiid

Item for a payer of shooes the 22 day of Februarye xiiid

Item for mendynge of her shooes the 22 day of Marche iiiid

Item geven to her the 18 of Aprell to buye threede and other necessaries vid

Item payde for solynge of her shooes the 20 of Aprell viiid

Item for 6 elles of bockeram at xvid the ell to make her smockes one ell of hollindes for coyves at iis iiiid and one ell of hollands for crosse clothes at iiis iiiid the ell and one yeard of greene wodmole for an aprune at xiid and for thred the 17 of June xvs iid

Item payde for mendinge of her shooes the 6 of Julye iid

Item for a payer of hose for her the viii of Julye iis iid

Item for tryminge of her hatt is

Item for tryminge and newe makinge of her old petycote iiiis

Item geven to her the 18 of August for to buye her a payer of shooes a knyfe sterche geare lace and fylletes and suche other necessaryes at her going to Canterburye which was the same day iiiis vid

Item for a payer of hoose for her against Christmas iis

Item the same to smalwood for a payer of shooes for her xxd

sum total iii li viiis id
Summ total of the payments xxxvii li xs ixd
so the receits exceed the payments ii li viis vid

Which sum was paide to Harker who married Thomising Ulters by the said Accompt before Mr Richardson Maior.

A Note of suche moneye as I have layed out for the children of Angeles Wydowe or other wayes for her, viz.

Item layde out on the 13 of October for clothe to make the younger wenche a petyecoote and a wastcoote three smocks and two apernes besydes that her mother had geven beforehande for suche purpose viiis

Item more for a payer of hose, a payer of shooes and frynge for her [the youngest daughter] petycoote iis vid

Item geven to the eldest dauther the 23 of October to buye her a payer of shooes xvd

The Accompte of William Wood Jurate of the goods of Mullens his children the xxith of Aprell 1592

Paid to Georg Hutchenson the xxth daie of August for cloth to apparell one of the maides and the boye and for makinge of the same as by the Bill doth appeare xiiis vid

Item more paid for Thomasine Millians to George Hutchenson for iiii yeardes of cloth to make her a petticote & a waste cote at iis vid the yard xs

Item for makinge of the same xvid

Item for a paire of showes for her xiid

Paid to George Hutchenson for a suyte of clothes for the same boye xiiiis vid

Item more for a parre of shoose for him xiiiid

Here followeth the particuler paiments of the foresaid Arthure Rucke for the foresaid Orphants viz Thomas and John Martine in answare of the said Receipts viz.

Item for a pare of Shoose for ye biger boye xvid

Item for twoe pare of Shoose for the lesser boye iis vid

Item for a hate and a pare of Stockins for John Martine

Item for a yarde and a halfe of Kersey at iiis iiiid the yarde for John Martine vs

Item for twoe yards of Graye ffryes at xviiid the yarde iiis

Item for a yarde and a halfe of Greene cotten iis

Item for a halfe a yarde of Blue cotten vid

Item for Thomas Martine a yarde and a three qr of Kersey at iiis vid the yarde vis iid

Item twoe yards and a halfe of Blacke cotten at viiid the yarde xxd

Item to William Skerlet for making of ther Cloothes xis

Item to my selfe for Red fryse which his wyfe had that was owing to me viis

Item for a hat for the biger boye iis vid

Item paid for Stockings xxd

Item Richard Lucke for fowre ells of Canvas to make the biger boye Sherts vs iiiid

Item a quarter and a half of holland for bands xiid

The Accompte of Arthure Ruck Maior one of the Wardans of the Orphants of Charles Cicke for goods sowld by him the vth of februarie 1606 at a Leefecoope...and is for the use of Thomas Ingram her sonne...

Item paid for making of fowre bands and one Sherte for her sonne viid

Item for a payre of Showes for him ixd

Item paid Thomas Horsman for makinge a Dublet a paire of hoose and a wastecote he fynding lenone for the Dublet for Thomas Ingram iiiis iid

Item paid Henry Dryland for CLoothes he made he fynding Stufe and for bying of Shertes Stockines Shoowes and other things as by his Byll appereth for the said Thomas Ingram xxis viid

Item paid Henry Dryland as money geven him with Thomas Ingram to be his prentis vii li