Anno 1581

Item paid for a payre of knitt hose for Mres Mary Farmor iis

Item paid for a payre of shuse viiid

Item for a payre of gloves vid

Item for vi dozen of basket lace xs

Item for silk rybband iiid

Item for pyns iid

Item for v yards & half of duble mockadoe for a petticot ixs iid

Item for ii ownces & half de qr of partyrmet lace at ii s the ownce vs iiid

Item for a quarter of murrey sarsnet xvd

Item for an ownce of statut lace xiiiis

Item for eys and clasps iid

Item for iii qr of yelow taffita for sleives for her silke gowne viis viiid

Item for mockadoe for a worke-day gowne xiis

Item to the taylor for making ii gownes and a petticoate xiiiis

Item for vi yards of cloth for smocks vis iiid

Item for an ell of holland to make sleives, gorgets, and coyfs viis

Item for ii cales, parcell silver, and gylt xiiis

Item for a cale and shadoe iiiis

Item for a greine cote, a hatt, and a vellet girdell for Mr Richard Fermor xvis xd

Citation Type  Account Entry
Citation Year 1581