Anno 1580

Item a pillion, a cloth, and other furniture for my cozen Mary xlviis

Item for a clocke, clothe, and other apparell and necessary things for Mistress Mary xlviis id

Item a caule of bewgle for Mary Farmor, and a lyninge to yt vs viiid

Item paid Mr Farmor, that he paid for makinge the children's mournyng apparell ixs viiid

Item a yard of ffreasadowe for Mres Mary, viis vid; half yard durance, xviiid; a bugle, call, and a lynynge, iiiis viiid; an ell bone lace, xviiid; iiii calls, xvid; an ell cameryck, xs; an ell holland, iiiis; half ell holland, iiiis summa xxxiiiis vid

Item an ounce of blacke silke; xxiid

Item for a pare of showes for Mres Mary viid

Item for washing my shirts durynge the tyme I laye at London iis vid

Citation Type  Account Entry
Citation Year 1580