• Account Extracts for the Farmor Probate records: payments relating to the Dress, &c., of the Children

    After William Farmor died, his executor was responsible for paying the money needed to support his children until the probate was resolved. His two children, Here are the clothing-related account entries for Mary (age not given) and Richard (5 years old in 1580).

    Title of the original manuscript: Extracts from the accoumpts taken at the audit begone at Somerton in the county of Oxford the vi day of December in the xxiij yere of the reigne of or Souveraigne Lady Quene Elizabeth by George Shirley esquier Nicholas Farmor and Benett Wynchcombe gentlemen Wylliam Mercer & James Smyth yeomen executors of the last will and testament of Thomas Farmor esquyer deceased 1580

    Modern English (post-1500)
    Published in 1580
    Color , Renaissance Clothing and Textile Terms
    1500 AD - 1599 AD

    Found in "Memoirs chiefly illustrative of the history and Antiquities of the county and city of Oxford", 1584


Anno 1580

Item a pillion, a cloth, and other furniture for my cozen Mary xlviis

Item for a clocke, clothe, and other apparell and necessary things for Mistress Mary xlviis id

Item a caule of bewgle for Mary Farmor, and a lyninge to yt vs viiid

Item paid Mr Farmor, that he paid for makinge the children's mournyng apparell ixs viiid

Item a yard of ffreasadowe for Mres Mary, viis vid; half yard durance, xviiid; a bugle, call, and a lynynge, iiiis viiid; an ell bone lace, xviiid; iiii calls, xvid; an ell cameryck, xs; an ell holland, iiiis; half ell holland, iiiis summa xxxiiiis vid

Item an ounce of blacke silke; xxiid

Item for a pare of showes for Mres Mary viid

Item for washing my shirts durynge the tyme I laye at London iis vid

Anno 1581

Item paid for a payre of knitt hose for Mres Mary Farmor iis

Item paid for a payre of shuse viiid

Item for a payre of gloves vid

Item for vi dozen of basket lace xs

Item for silk rybband iiid

Item for pyns iid

Item for v yards & half of duble mockadoe for a petticot ixs iid

Item for ii ownces & half de qr of partyrmet lace at ii s the ownce vs iiid

Item for a quarter of murrey sarsnet xvd

Item for an ownce of statut lace xiiiis

Item for eys and clasps iid

Item for iii qr of yelow taffita for sleives for her silke gowne viis viiid

Item for mockadoe for a worke-day gowne xiis

Item to the taylor for making ii gownes and a petticoate xiiiis

Item for vi yards of cloth for smocks vis iiid

Item for an ell of holland to make sleives, gorgets, and coyfs viis

Item for ii cales, parcell silver, and gylt xiiis

Item for a cale and shadoe iiiis

Item for a greine cote, a hatt, and a vellet girdell for Mr Richard Fermor xvis xd

Anno 1582

Item for the borde of Mr Richard Fermor and James his servante, for one whole yere, at viiis the weke, viz from Christmas last to Christmas next xx£ xvis

Item for suger-candie to avoyde fleme, his mouthe and throte being sore iid

Item for claspes for his shert-bands

Item for iii elnes and a quarter of hollande to make hym shertes, at xxid th'elne viis vd

Item for iii yards of cotton to make hym an under petticote for winter iis vid

Item for a bowngrace for Mrs. Marie viis vid

Anno 1583

Item for canvas and bombast for the bodyes and to ware under his cote xiid
Item for garteryng and a stryng to his myttens vid
Item for a pare of pattens viiid

Anno 1584

Item for a knyffe sheath with a silke strynge iiiid

Item for a brushe to make cleane his coote iid

Item to James Alwood for a cloak for his leuery xxvs

Item for wodden sooles for his pattents iid

Item for a saddle and furnyture for him xixs


Charges for Richard and his servant


Item for an ell and di of Lankiishire cloth to make whit lynyngs for his [Richard's] apparell iis


Item for an ell half of brod taffaty to make him a dublet and venycyons xiis

Item for ii pound of bombast for ii dubletts iiis

Item for a yeard of gold lace to edg his falling bands iis

Item for an ell and a halfe and halfe a quarter of popingiaye taffata to make hym a dublett and venetians, at xiiis the ell xxis iid

Item for an ell and halfe and halfe a quarter of yellowe sarcenet to lay under the same viis viiid

Item for ii paire of cut finger gloves vid

Item for a shooting glove iiiid


Item for iii pare of shoes and a pare of pantables iiiis viiid

Item to the barbar for trymmyng of him vid

Item for pampilion for the hose xiid

Item half yard of hare colored vellett, xis; 4 silver compast bottons for the boot hose toppes, iis vid; a pare of hare coloured stockings, vis vid; a pare of Sypres garters, vs xd

summa xxvs xd